Anahí Reveals TV Execs Didn’t Want Her Playing Mia Colucci


The road to playing Mia Colucci was rocky for Mexican actress, Anahí. 

In a new interview with journalist Joaquín López-Dóriga, the actress revealed personal details about her experience of becoming Mia Colucci, the protagonist of the Mexican telenovela, Rebelde, and her most notable role. 

In the interview, Anahí revealed that the Mexican television network, Televisa, was not interested in hiring her to play Mia Colucci in the series. As she recounts, she was hanging out with her Clase 406 co-star, Christian Chávez at her house. Chavez was telling her about his new gig with Rebelde, and how casting for the show had gone on for months because they could not find their Mia Colucci. 

That same evening, Anahí received a call from the show producer, Pedro Damián, and he said, “Mía is you. You’re Mía,” before adding, “but there is a problem, Televisa doesn’t want you to play the role.”

“I was fighting it for a month, and they said, ‘not you,’ and I said, what have I done except give you my entire life,” says Anahí.

Damián then invited Anahí to have dinner with Juan Ferrara, the Mexican actor that would play her father in the series. “So I went, we had dinner, I won it over, and I became Mia Colucci.”

In the interview, Anahí also details her experience of being publicly bullied and body-shamed on television, including in programs that were owned by Televisa, the same network that presented Rebelde, such as El Gorda y la Flaca.  

The full interview of Anahí and Joaquín López-Dóriga is available in three parts on López-Dóriga’s YouTube channel.

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