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‘CoComelon’ Gets Bilingual Spin-off ‘Nina’s Familia’

‘CoComelon’ Gets Bilingual Spin-off ‘Nina’s Familia’


CoComelon has added a spinoff series to its YouTube channel for children’s entertainment. The channel’s first bilingual show, Nina’s Familia, follows the title character, Nina Reyes, and her Latine family.

Nina was first introduced in 2019 as a classmate and friend of CoComelon’s main character, JJ. Now, Nina has her own show that will also include three-minute songs and nursery rhymes.

Nina’s Familia is the kind of series I’ve always wanted to be a part of but is so rarely seen,” Anthony Falcón, creative lead, said in a statement. “It’s one where an intelligent, caring, adventurous Mexican-American girl can do anything and be anything all while being surrounded and supported by a strong Latine family.”

Falcón adds: “[It’s] the type of content we want to create for our daughters, nieces [and] nephews.”

The spin-off includes Spanish in many episodes and features culturally significant narratives and themes like Día de Muertos and Noche Buena Christmas.

A few of the Spanish-language nursery rhymes kids will hear are “Pin Pon es un Muñeco,” “Chuchuwa” and “Estrellita Dónde Estás,” which is the Spanish version of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.”

“Nina’s home will always be bustling with a lot of laughter, love, Latine traditions, Spanish language, Mexican cooking, and of course, familia,” Falcón said. “The goal with Nina’s Familia is for Latine kids to see themselves represented on screen every day and to share Nina’s family’s culture with the world.”

Nina’s Familia premieres September 29, 2023 on the CoCoMelon YouTube channel with new episodes launching weekly.


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