Home Sports Jenna Ortega Makes Cameo in Adidas’ FIFA Women’s World Cup Campaign

Jenna Ortega Makes Cameo in Adidas’ FIFA Women’s World Cup Campaign

Jenna Ortega Makes Cameo in Adidas’ FIFA Women’s World Cup Campaign


Jenna Ortega (Wednesday) appears in the latest adidas campaign to celebrate the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand 2023, which kicks off this Thursday (July 20). This comes as Ortega is the face of an all-new adidas label, adidas Sportswear, which is something Adidas hasn’t marketed in half a century.

The global campaign features next-gen fútbol icons like Alessia Russo from England, Lena Oberdorf from Germany, and Mary Fowler from Australia in hopes of inspiring young women and girls to step onto the fútbol field themselves.

The campaign is titled, “Play Until They Can’t Look Away,” which is exactly what the women’s teams will do when they go head-to-head in this year’s tournament.


Ortega shows up for a brief moment at the 7-second mark of the video. She is seen standing in the forest next to a sign that reads “Beware of Drop Bears.” For those who aren’t familiar with the sense of humor of Aussies, a “drop bear” is a myth they tell tourists about koala bears attacking people after dropping from the trees.

In the ad, Ortega looks a bit worried when she sees something fly past her head. Don’t worry, Jenna, it’s just a soccer ball. “Whoa,” she says before her cameo is complete. She is also joined by other icons and familiar faces like the G.O.A.T. Lionel Messi, David Beckham, Leon Goretzka, and Ian Wright.

From an adidas press release, Sina Neubrandt, Global Communications Director at adidas, said this year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup feels like a “tipping point” for the women’s game. “Through showcasing some of the greatest stars in the game, we hope we can inspire the next generation to also pursue their dream and see these individuals as role models who can help push them to new possibilities,” she said.

Jenna Ortega might not play fútbol herself, but she’s a perfect spokesperson for a campaign like adidas’ “Play Until They Can’t Look Away” because it’s impossible to look away when she’s doing her own thing on the big and small screen.


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