Home Music Juanes Celebrates Father’s Day by Releasing ‘Vida Cotidiana’ Music Video

Juanes Celebrates Father’s Day by Releasing ‘Vida Cotidiana’ Music Video

Juanes Celebrates Father’s Day by Releasing ‘Vida Cotidiana’ Music Video


Ahead of Father’s Day, Juanes has released a music video touching on the topic of fatherhood. Today (June 14), the Colombian icon dropped the video for his song “Vida Cotidiana.”

Last month, Juanes released his latest album Vida Cotidiana. The LP proved to be his most personal and political release yet. In the song “Gris,” Juanes explored strains in his marriage while in quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, his wife Cecilia and him overcame those difficult times. 

In his song “Vida Cotidiana,” Juanes talks about how adolescent children can distance themselves from their parents. In the heartfelt ballad, he sings about wanting to work through the issues with his child so that they can repair their relationship. Juanes also beautifully portrays that story in his music video for the track.

“You can now watch the video for ‘Vida Cotidiana,’” Juanes wrote on Instagram. “A video recorded in a wonderful forest outside of Medellín that reflects what this song means to me.”

The “Vida Cotidiana” music video was directed by María Camila Calle. In a forest near his hometown, Juanes is shown trying to make the woman who plays his daughter feel better. By the end of the scenic video, they have reconciled among the beauty of nature.

Juanes actually involved his real family in a few other music videos off Vida Cotidiana. His wife Cecilia and their daughters, Luna and Paloma, star in the video for “Cecilia” featuring Juan Luis Guerra. Juanes told Remezcla last month, “Every time I see the video, I get emotional.” His son Dante also appears in the video for “Veneno.” Juanes added, “We are very happy about that experience because I think Dante can be an actor in the future, maybe.”

Last month, Juanes released the music video for “Canción Desaparecida” featuring Mabiland. The unsettling yet powerful visual shed light on the forced disappearances happening in Colombia. 

Watch the music video for “Vida Cotidiana” below.


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