Karla Panini Story Transcends Languages Thanks to Multiple Translations


The internet doesn’t forgive and forget – and Karla Panini is learning the hard way. Her drama with former friend and costar Karla Luna didn’t stop at English and Spanish, it turns out social media users are translating it into multiple languages – fictional included.

After the South Korean YouTuber Stephanie Soo translated the Panini-Luna drama into English, the Mexican comic went on a nearly 10-minute rant about being “canceled.” But that didn’t stop people from reacting to the chisme – it looks like it made it more viral. 

For those who don’t know, Panini was part of the popular Las Lavanderas duo with Luna. Both comedians reached the masses by gossiping and even went on tour together in the 2010s. However, they disbanded when Panini had an affair with her best friend’s husband Américo Garza. And get this: she ended up marrying him after Luna passed away from cancer in 2017. 

Now, the story of betrayal is reaching new audiences thanks to language-savvy internet users. From sign language to High Valyrian, the tea is getting passed around to all corners of the world and beyond.

People who understand sign language can now also partake in the dilemma.

Oui oui, it’s now in French. 

It was also translated into Turkish. 

It’s available in Japanese.

And Portuguese.

Heck, it’s even translated to languages that don’t even exist. A TikTok user, @yatzvh, translated the gossip to the fictional language High Valyrian, popularized by Game of Thrones

Based on these examples, her story is spreading like wildfire. It’s not just Mexican gossip anymore – it looks like the whole world is going to know what Karla Panini infamously did to her ex-comadre.

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