Home Sports Miss Benny Teams Up With Iconic Kim Cattrall for Netflix’s ‘Glamorous’ — Here Are the First Images

Miss Benny Teams Up With Iconic Kim Cattrall for Netflix’s ‘Glamorous’ — Here Are the First Images

Miss Benny Teams Up With Iconic Kim Cattrall for Netflix’s ‘Glamorous’ — Here Are the First Images


Netflix is bringing us a new and much-needed LGBTQ+ story with Glamorous. The show, previously set to premiere on The CW, is bringing to the forefront a non-gender conforming story from a Latine lens. And it’s doing that while exploring how beauty empowers many and the struggle of making your dreams come true. 

Miss Benny, also known as Ben J. Pierce, is a Mexican-American non-binary actor and musician. They portray a nongender conforming man, Marco Mejia, in Glamorous. Marco is stuck at a dead-end job when Madolyn Addison, portrayed by the iconic Kim Cattrall, crosses paths with them. Madolyn is the founder and CEO of a high-end makeup brand and their encounter inspires her to give Marco a chance to take his knowledge from a makeup counter to the corporate level at Glamorous Cosmetics.

With the first looks from the show just dropping, we’re loving the aesthetic of this story, the characters, and the vibes. Even more so because it’s unapologetically queer, with Miss Benny ending up in situations that don’t hide who they are or that the character is on a journey to understand what being queer means to him. Also, there’s the icon Cattrall looking impeccable in red.

The cast is rounded out with Zane Phillips who portrays Chad, Madolyn’s son and Director of Sales. He’s trying his hardest to live up to his mother’s expectations. Jade Payton portrays Venetia, the devoted assistant to Madolyn and Marco’s guide in navigating the office and Brooklyn’s LGBTQ+ scene. 

They are also joined by Michael Hsu Rosen, who portrays Ben, a graphic designer at Glamorous who finds himself getting out of his comfort zone after meeting Marco. Ayesha Harris is Britt, another graphic designer at Glamorous who is navigating her own love journey. And Graham Parkhurst plays Parker, who has a chance encounter with Marco that sets the stereotypical gay jock in a “game of pursuit.”

Glamorous is created and executive produced by Jordon Nardino (Star Trek: Discovery) with executive producers Damon Wayans Jr. and Kameron Tarlow of Two Shakes Entertainment. And this acts as Miss Benny’s first major series where they are the lead. They have previously worked on American Horror Stories and Love, Victor. 

Glamorous is set to debut on June 22, 2023 on Netflix.


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