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On Drag Race México episode 7, the queens brought the drama for a telenovela-inspired challenge and runway. And co-hosts Valentina and Lolita Banana made one of the most heartbreaking decisions of the season about who would sashay away next. They were also joined on the judging panel by Óscar Madrazo and Alan Estrada, Valentina’s La Usurpadora: The Musical co-star. 

In her video message to the queen this week, Valentina hinted at a telenovela challenge by channeling a villainous moment from Marimar, which starred Thalia. The six remaining queens had to then pick roles inspired by famous telenovela villains for an acting challenge.

World of Wonder

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During the rehearsals, a fine line was drawn between “Las Estelares,” which includes Gala Varo, Cristian Peralta, Regina Voce, and the rest of the queens. Valentina and Lolita Banana called out the younger queens, Margaret y Ya, Lady Kero, and Matraka, for not knowing the references of their characters that were pulled from La Usurpadora, Lazos Del Amor, and Cuna De Lobos.

In the Werk Room, Regina Voce also led a tarot reading for the queens. Margaret y Ya pulled the Death card, which signified a radical change coming, and possibly foreshadowed her fate. Matraka selected the Star card, which meant that she has a bright future ahead of her.

In the acting challenge, the contestants portrayed the famous telenovela villains in a therapy session to overcome their evil ways. Instead of that happening, their characters were even more wicked and turned on each other with comical results. 

Drag Race Mexico Season 1 Episode 7
World of Wonder

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Over the runway, the theme was Telenovela Ball.

Each queen donned three looks, which followed the gradual evolution of a young woman becoming a villain. Regina Voce was complimented for bringing melodrama to the runway while presenting her outfits. Gala Varo and Cristian Peralta had some standout looks with their ultimate villains facing wild plastic surgery transformations.

After the judges revealed that they were mostly underwhelmed by the acting skit, Matraka was awarded her second Maxi Challenge win.

Drag Race Mexico Season 1 Episode 7

Margaret y Ya was criticized for continuing to wear her signature makeup look and Lady Kero joined in the bottom two for not overacting enough. Both queens lip-synched to the norteña version of “Quítame Ese Hombre” by Pilar Montenegro. Lady Karo beautifully channeled the heartache of the song by tearing away parts of her outfit.

Sadly, the heart of the season, Margaret y Ya, became the sixth queen to sashay away. 

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