Home Sports The Pedro Pascal & Kieran Culkin Awards Season Feud Continues

The Pedro Pascal & Kieran Culkin Awards Season Feud Continues

The Pedro Pascal & Kieran Culkin Awards Season Feud Continues


The Pedro Pascal and Kieran Culkin awards season feud is the gift that keeps on giving. And Pedro Pascal just took the jokey feud to another level during the 2024 Screen Actors Guild Awards. 

Pascal, won his first major award during the SAG Awards, for his performance as Joel Miller in The Last of Us. After giving an emotional acceptance speech, he was interviewed by designer and Queer Eye host Tan France. And to a question of how badly he was going to rag Culkin at the after party tonight, he promised, “I’m going to make out with Kieran tonight.”

Talk about taking the “feud” to another level. “That will be my revenge,” Pascal joked. He then went on to share how he knew Culkin before. Years ago, he took one of Pascal’s siblings to a FAO Schwartz play in Manhattan. Pascal was working second stage and Culkin came up to him and complimented him on the play.

It all started during the Golden Globes. Culkin won the award for Best Actor in a Drama Series for his role in Succession – the same category Pascal was nominated in for his role in The Last of Us. At the time, Culkin told Pascal to “suck it” as he got on stage to accept his award. The camera then cut to Pascal, who first laughed and then mimicked crying.

Then came Pascal’s response, during the Primetime Emmy Awards. Pascal, who was presenting an award, took a dig at Culkin. “A lot of people have been asking about my arm; it’s actually my shoulder… Kieran Culkin beat the sh*t out of me.” Culkin kept his face stone cold before laughing.

Culkin’s reaction to Pascal’s win at tonight’s SAG Awards proved the feud is only for fun.

As for the internet, they can’t wait for the videos of this after-party.


Honestly, neither can’t we. And may every awards season give us a feud as fun as this one.


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